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Aviemore Petrol Filling Station 

Approximately £2 million has been spent on redevelopment of the site, which opened in 2017. The proposal was for the redevelopment of the site to provide a modern filling station facility with an associated convenience store of approximately 267square metres.  The shop has been constructed from a steel frame to create three pitched roof sections, one large and two equal smaller ones that run east to west.

The proposals included for the removal of the existing canopy, pumps, jet wash facility and sales building but keeping the existing east most wall and forecourt boundary wall adjacent to the Network Rail land.

The proposed facility  incorporated 2 No new double skinned steel below ground tanks with a 3 island triangular forecourt laid out to allow ease of access and egress for the delivery tanker and vehicles. 


The store offers motorists the chance to fill up their shopping baskets at the same time as they fill up with BP’s high-quality fuel, a toilet accessible to disabled people, a baby changing-room, onsite parking and ATM facilities.

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