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Vertical Growth Farm, Newmarket

In recent years, it has been scientifically proven and stated that the way we grow food and operate farming will need to evolve to prevent further effects on and from climate change. Vertical farming offers a promising solution and involves greater use of technology and automation for land use optimisation. It has also been scientifically proven, as an exemplary solution, to improving food production reducing food miles for seasonal crops. As the main advantage of utilising this new farming technology is that the crops can produce greater yields than other traditional farming methods. The sustainable solution promotes conservation of rural land traditionally used for farming, leading to further conservation of local flora and fauna, water cycling, prevention of water course pollution from pesticides and preservation chemicals. The system also promotes the use of renewable energy sources to run the farms LED lighting.

The vertical farm system is to be fully circular, meaning that the full process uses resources with care, recycling everything. The system utilises a low water cycle in giving the correct amount of nutrients to grow organically with no introduction of chemicals used, such as pesticides or chemical preservatives. The only main energy usage is achieved by LED’s that allow the plants to grow 24 hours per day for 365 days per year.

The project is developed in number of phases, with first towers currently being completed. 

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