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Vertical Growth Facility

Intelligent Growth Solutions Ltd appointed AMCA Architects in 2015 to explore options for a unique crop research and production facility at the James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie.

The brief was to develop proposals for a unique structure that would have a controlled internal environment for the installation of 4 vertical growth towers with a clear height of 9.2m. Each tower has a 40sq.m. footprint and a growing area of 312sq.m. the facility uses advanced LED lighting, air flow controls, closed loop irrigation systems and no pesticides to grow crops in a mechanised indoor process for 365 days a year. Each growth module holds racks of trays suitable for growing a range of fast-growing herb, leafy greens and vegetables.

AMCA Architects have designed a scalable, sustainable modular structure which comprised an exoskeletal steel  frame with composite panels to walls and roof, fixed internally to achieve a clear flat shell. The footprint extends to 663sq.m. to include ancillary servicing areas for planting and harvesting of crops. 

The first phase was constructed in 2017 is the first Vertical Farm in Scotland.  The facility is used by IGS as demonstrator and has enabled the rollout of their innovative vertical farm technology nationally and globally.       

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